Course Description

Money has become the biggest source of stress, frustration and angst in your life right?

There’s never enough of it, and any money that DOES come your way seems to slip through your fingers faster than ever…already allocated to this bill, or that, and then there’s nothing left over to do anything that brings any particular joy to your life.

Then that little voice pipes up in your head and says “go on… you deserve a little splurge…just whack it on the credit card…it’ll be fine” and so the cycle continues.

Sound familiar??


Trying to get yourself in control of your finances sometimes can seem so stressful and then you find you just put it away as you don't want to have to deal with it.

Well that's why I created 'Trust Your Money'.

Getting this sorted doesn’t have to be hard.

It doesn’t mean you’ve got to live on 2 minute noodles.

And it absolutely doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun.

How would it feel to be able to completely trust yourself with money?

To know exactly where its coming from and where it’s going without any fear or anxiety?

To not have to tip-toe around your partner waiting for the stress volcano to erupt and start another argument?

How would it feel to see that savings account actually starting to Grow for once?

Or be able to plan that family getaway, not just in your dreams, but for real this time?

How would it feel to be able to say YES more often?

I am now helping people like YOU...

and they are getting the RESULTS!

For those who don't know me I'm Sally Bellamy and I am a Budget Coach for Bells Budget.

After figuring out the formula that worked best, I started paying off debt, saving, going on holidays and still managing to have a life!

Having a career in real estate and working predominately in property management I was able to share my wisdom with those who wanted my help to get ahead.

Then finally I have created Bells Budget to help others like myself who are

just as confused about how to budget, but wanting to find success their own way.

So let's get you trusting your money...

 Get It Sorted NOW! $597.00

What will I learn?


1. Discover how to get your head game so that you can stop sabotaging your progress and build yourself confidence muscles to finally get your money stuff sorted.

2. Devise your goals so that you can see new opportunities for yourself, which will give you more choice and options as well as having something that you have to continually inspire yourself to keep moving forward.

3. Design a budget with your financials so that stop this mindless spending as well as not knowing what’s happening with your money so that you can understand your overall financial position, you’ll know where your money has been going and then you’ll able to make the decisions you have been needing to make as where your money should be really going.

4. Learn how to get your debt paid off without feeling like you’re under pressure and having to do something that you’ve been dreading as you haven’t know where to start, instead you’ll be paying off debt and reducing the stress about what you are paying and when.

5. Build an emergency fund so there’s no more late night panic sessions when something major needs to be paid for so that you can finally relax knowing that the money is there and that you’ll get through your emergency with ease.

6. Explore how to set up a savings plan, while still paying off debt, so that you can start to say YES to things more often and that you’re buying the things you want rather than just because.

7. Discover that you can trust yourself, and trust your money so that you don’t have to continue to doubt yourself, and that constant worry about what others are thinking of you instead you can have the amazing life you’re dreaming of.

Whats included in the course:

  • You won’t have to figure this all out on your own
  • You’ll have access to our Private Facebook Group where you can connect with others who are implementing these changes in their own lives
  • Plus you can join my weekly ‘work hours’ where you can connect with me LIVE. This is your chance to get feedback on your plans and progress, get all your questions answered and receive high level support form yours truly.

Each week is structured by having a series of small videos. There are downloadables for most weeks. 

Isn't time you let someone support you

 toward your money goals???

Owner / Creator of Bells Budget

Sally Bellamy

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Disclaimer

    • About Sally

    • VIDEO - About Sally

    • Bells Budget E-Course Private Facebook Group

    • VIDEO - Facebook Group

  • 2

    Step 1: Get Your Mind Ready

    • VIDEO - Intentions

    • Bells Budget Intentions Worksheet

    • VIDEO - Needs vs Wants

  • 3

    Step 2: Setting Goals Financially & for Life

    • VIDEO -Goal Setting - Introduction

    • VIDEO - SMART Goals Examples

    • VIDEO - SMART Goals Explained

    • Bells Budget Goals Worksheet

  • 4

    Step 3: - Build a budget with YOUR numbers for You to know where the money is going

    • VIDEO - Budget Intro

    • What's a Budget & Why Should I do It?

    • VIDEO - Why Budget

    • Before You Start Your Budget

    • Printable Budget Planner

    • Budget Planners - EXCEL DOCUMENTS

    • VIDEO - Budget Planner Explained

    • PDF - Net Worth Calculation Worksheet

    • My 10 Secrets to Budgeting Success

    • VIDEO - Calendar Budgeting

    • VIDEO - Using Your Budget To Make Decisions

    • PDF - Calendar Budget Monthly Planner

    • PDF - Monthly Irregular Income Bill Tracker

    • PDF - Irregular Income Minimum Expenses Planner Worksheet

  • 5

    Step 4 - Building Emergency Fund

    • VIDEO - Emergency Fund

  • 6

    Step 5- Paying off your Debt!

    • VIDEO - Debt Introduction

    • 10 Reason's You're In Debt

    • VIDEO - Debt Triangle

    • Debt Triangle

    • Debt Worksheet - WORD & PDF

    • VIDEO - Debt Worksheet Explained

    • VIDEO - Credit Card Debt

    • VIDEO - Short Term, Personal Loans & Car Loans

    • VIDEO - Mortgage/Home Loan Debt

    • VIDEO - Dealing with Debtors

    • PDF - Spending Triggers

  • 7

    Step 6 - Time to create Savings Plan accordance to your goals and retirement needs!

    • VIDEO - Introduction to Savings

    • VIDEO - Saving

    • VIDEO - 50/30/20

    • VIDEO - Splurge

    • VIDEO - How Much To Save for a Deposit

    • VIDEO - Saving for a Property

    • PDF - Savings Goal Worksheet

  • 8

    Step 7 - Financial Freedom


    • VIDEO - Introduction to Everyday Life

    • VIDEO - Course Review

    • VIDEO - Never Give Up

    • VIDEO - Budget Accumulation

    • VIDEO - Part 1 - Everyday Life

    • VIDEO - Part 2 - Everyday Life

    • VIDEO - Part 3 - What You Should Know Now...

  • 9

    BONUS - Technology to make your life easier!

    • VIDEO - Introduction to Technology

    • VIDEO - Track My Spend

    • VIDEO - Pocketbook Website & App

    • VIDEO - Money Brilliant Website & App

    • VIDEO - Credit Simple

    • VIDEO - Money Smart Financial Calculator

    • VIDEO - Honey (Coupon)

  • 10

    BONUS - Saving Inside & Outside the Home

    • VIDEO - Intro to Home Savings

    • VIDEO - Meal Planning & Shopping Lists

    • PDF - Meal Planner - Blank

    • WORD - Meal Planner Examples

    • VIDEO - Bulk Buying - Does it Equal Bulk Saving?

    • VIDEO - Shopping Generic

    • VIDEO - Utilities Saving

    • VIDEO - Grow & Make Your Own

    • VIDEO - Introduction to Savings Outside of Home

    • VIDEO - Eating Out, Coffee's & Lunches Out

    • VIDEO - Going Out Drinks

    • VIDEO - Shopping Tips

    • VIDEO - Transport Public vs Car

    • VIDEO - Holidays

    • VIDEO - Memberships