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Do you feel like you’re always chasing your tail with your bills, income and anything else that comes with your money…?

Would you rather feel like you’re always in control and calm when you think about your money?

Do you want a money system (budget) that you actually understand and that’s not just a document filed away somewhere that you check on when you’re struggling?

That’s why I have the 1 hour “Budget Health Check” !!

For Starters : You’ll receive my budget template.
Once you’ve filled in the budget template we book a time to catch up online via the program Zoom and move onto…

The main course:
We will go through the budget together. So you’ve got support and that you actually complete it!
I’ll recommend areas for possible saving, because there are always areas where we can save money!
We’ll make sure you’re tracking everything!!! The more detail the better the outcome for you!

Then we finish off with a yummy desert of:
Creating money goals in relation to your budget so that you can use this as a money system to benefit you!
And we set out 3 intentions for you to focus on so you know who you are in with your money situation, recognize and to live to your values, so that we can raise you’re emotional energy which in turn will raise your physical energy.

Sally Bellamy

Sally Bellamy

Owner / Creator of Bells Budget

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Budget Template