Bells Budget 7 Day Spending Freeze

Bells Budget 7 Day Spending Freeze

A mini-course teaching you the way to create ultimate SAVINGS | taught by Sally Bellamy
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Are you READY to increase your SAVINGS?

Want to create amazing SAVINGS in the SEVEN DAYS?

This isn't some BS get rich quick scheme.

This mini-course called the 'Bells Budget 7 Day SPENDING FREEZE' is designed to help set you on the road to achieving those savings goals just in seven days.

What the course will teach is the methods and techniques using PROVEN savings strategies.

I'm not saying you're going to be a millionaire in 7 days but if you continue to use these strategies that you learn on the mini-course you will reach your savings goals just like I did.

Using PROVEN savings strategies we are going to create some AMAZING savings!!


AND it's just $17

That's an absolute bargain!

Buy now and start growing those SAVINGS!

What you get: The course includes 7 videos modules which set you a task with a worksheet to help you complete that savings task.

Included: Exclusive access to the Private Facebook Group where you will receive support on your SAVINGS journey.

Bonus: On the Live Rounds of the Bells Budget 7 Day Spending Freeze you will get Live Support Calls each day with Sally. These will then be uploaded into the course for the times when we don't have a live round.

Just $17 AUD for this mini-course.

There are so many courses and companies telling you

how to save money.

But don't you just want practical tips and advice to get SAVING!!!

And thats what this mini-course gives you...

Ready to start SAVING?

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Sally Bellamy
Sally Bellamy
Owner / Creator of Bells Budget